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Call for DA Joe Gonzalez to Reopen the Cases of Roundtree, Jones, and Scott

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On June 1st,  San Antonio's District Attorney, Joe Gonazales, said that he had "no plans" to reopen the cases of three fatal officer-involved shootings of Black men in the city. The first of these fatal shootings involved an officer who shot 23-year-old Marquise Jones in 2014 outside a restaurant. Jones received shots to his back back after Officer Robert Encina arrested Jones' friend for "being disruptive" outside the food establishment. Following a court date, the officer involved was cleared of wrongdoing. Two years later, in 2016, a different San Antonio officer shot and killed 36-year-old Antronie Scott during a traffic stop in which the police officer mistook Scott's cell phone for a gun. Although a federal lawsuit is still pending for this case, nothing has been resolved to this date. As if this wasn't enough, to add salt to the wound of racial injustice and police brutality in San Antonio, in 2018, yet another SAPD officer (Steve Casanova) shot and killed 18-year-old Charles Roundtree when the officer attempted to shoot Charles' friend. Charles was sitting down on his couch, and his friend was walking over to the screen door the officer was walking toward. Like in Jones case, both officers involved in Roundtree's shooting were cleared by a grand jury for their crime. 

Even now, several years after each one of these incidents, the families of these three victims are STILL demanding that those who killed their sons, brothers, and nephews be held accountable. “Whenever there’s a murder by police, we as families relive this, over and over and over again,” said Debbie Bush, the aunt of Marquise Jones, “We are fighting to have our case reopened and looked at."

Join the voices of these families and sign your name to demand that justice be served for Jones, Roundtree, and Scott. Let's ensure that AT MINIMUM their cases be reopened. SAY THEIR NAMES as you demand that San Antonio District Attorney Joe Gonzalez reopen their cases so that these men and their families can  finally be given justice. 

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