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[Resolved] @SamsungMobileIN - Change your Double Standards towards Indians!!!

The Issue

Cancelling orders, even those placed due to human error, is not allowed on Samsung's own E-Store in India.

Why is that an Issue? - 

Samsung allows cancellations on stores in the USA, UK and pretty much all around the world EXCEPT India.

Every major store in India like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon... allow cancellations till shipping.

Why should it bother you? -

Why should an Indian (who in the first place, pays more for the phone than someone from the US or UK) not have an option to cancel an order that is not shipped?

Why should we standby and watch Samsung continue these double standards towards us INDIANS?

This is UNFAIR and we need to make our voices heard!

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Letter to
Head of Operations - Samsung UK Simon Stanford
Head of Samsung Mobile India Vineet Taneja
Change your Double Standards towards Indians

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