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Samsung: Stop sexualizing women to 'seduce' men into buying your products


It is important to stop this sexualization of women because it not only is this commercial insulting to women but it also insults men and their intelligence.

Letter to
Samsung Chief Marketing Officer
I am writing to you about your commercial for the Samsung Smart TV in which it depicts a scantily clad woman enticing men. I do not like this commercial because it negatively portrays women and men. You will no longer get my business until you stop sexualizing women and insulting men’s intelligence to sell your products.
This commercial is very problematic for women and men because it insults women by the objectification as well as insulting men by turning them into mindless losers that will drop whatever they are doing because a woman is waving them to come over.
I was formerly a loyal customer, but I no longer support Samsung. In order to win my business back, Samsung needs to depict women and men as equals instead of showing women as seductresses and men as mindless losers who ruled by their nether regions. I am telling other consumers and all of my friends and acquaintances about my thoughts and encouraging them to take the same action.

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