Remove Advertisements from Samsung Applications

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Hello Samsung, 

It has come to our attention as users of your devices including the S Series, Note Series, Z series, and Fold that advertisements are running rampant in the stock apps. We did not pay over $1,000 for a device to be treated with advertisements that take away from the user experience. 

The applications currently affected by advertisements are Samsung Health, Samsung Pay, Phone, Galaxy Store, Weather, Game Launcher, Samsung Daily, Samsung Music, and possibly more. This is unacceptable to have advertisements shown to us without a way to "Opt Out". The only "Opt Out" option available is to opt out of "customized advertisements". 

This is not how your users should be treated and we would like for the advertisements to either be removed or have an option to turn off/on. This can lead to a drawback on people switching away from using your applications or even your actual hardware.

Thank you.