Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG, POSCO, SK, FILA and all South Korean Companies: Adopt a company policy to ban dog and cat meat consumption!

Samsung, Hyundai, Kia, LG, POSCO, SK, FILA and all South Korean Companies: Adopt a company policy to ban dog and cat meat consumption!

82,871 have signed. Let’s get to 100,000!
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Bon-Joon Koo, CEO LG (Bon-Joon Koo, CEO) and

Why this petition matters

Dear Owners of Samsung, Hyundai, Genesis, Kia, LG, POSCO, SK, FILA, and all South Korean Companies,

Please watch this:

When people in other parts of the world think of Korea, the first thing that comes to mind is how Koreans horribly treat these dogs and brutally kill them to make them into soup. When this is their first thought, you have lost an opportunity to gain a customer and sell your product.

Starting almost 10,000 years ago, dogs have held a special place in human society as helpers and companions in mutually beneficial relationships. The rest of the industrialized world recognizes and protects them for this reason. To our fellow human beings, dogs symbolize love, affection, loyalty, and altruism, but in South Korea, dogs are raised in cruel confinement, and various slaughter methods totally void of compassion are used. This is unbecoming of humankind. They are beaten to death slowly and deliberately in the worst cases, believing that this softens the meat. Your customers do not support the cruel and brutal treatment of these animals, and if they discover that you close your eyes to this brutality, they will no longer want to spend their money on your products.

Your customers will be horrified at your profound indifference and disregard for these animals' unimaginable agony and suffering. Whether a dog or cat is a “farmed” animal or a beloved family pet, their savage slaughter is unacceptable to the rest of the world. You must let your company stand against these heinous crimes and this grisly illegal industry.

We request that you:

1. Formally adopt and implement a policy to ban dog and cat meat consumption and terminate immediately those who violate this policy. This policy should be enforced at all your companies and their subsidiaries and other companies with whom you have business transactions.

2. Adopt a policy to protect and provide a safe environment for your employees to report those who violate the dog and cat meat ban policy.

3. Provide a mandatory education to 100% of your employees about the horrors of the dog and cat meat industry and what they can do to fight this cruel industry.

4. Use your position and resources to petition your government to enact a law against dog and cat meat consumption.

5. Donate generously to the Korean animal rights organizations, rescue groups, and the campaign against dog and cat meat consumption in South Korea.

6. Create a culture of compassion and empathy instead of apathy and indifference.

By complying with these requests, you will gain the respect of your customers and the rest of the world. If you do not, we will persist with boycotts against your company, which will have a significant economic impact on your business and brand image.

Albert Einstein said, "The indifference, callousness, and contempt that so many people exhibit toward animals is evil first because it results in great suffering in animals, and second because it results in an incalculably great impoverishment of the human spirit.” Please act now and make a difference. It is better late than never. We are hopeful that compassion will prevail over grievous and rampant injustice to dogs in South Korea and that you, as economic leaders of South Korea, will take steps to help bring this terrible injustice to an end!


82,871 have signed. Let’s get to 100,000!