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Sammy died today at NYACC while someone wanting him was getting voicemail!!

Concerning, NY ACC. Dear Mayor, and Governor,  I do not know if you are aware of the gross negligence concerning this facility, concerning the animals that are killed before any one has a chance to adopt them. There is a specific case today on their lack of picking up the phone, cost a dog named Sammy his life. We must as a society give all living creatures a chance to live, and by the simple most basic act of picking up the phone could have prevented this atrocity.. in the first place. Please look into this matter, so never again could a innocent life, end...

Letter to
Mayor Mark Bloomberg
Governor Andrew Cuomo
New York Governor
We, the undersigned, urge you to make changes at NYACC. That facility, has been shown to disregard emails, phone calls, people are left on hold while the animals are being euthanized, such as the case of the dog named Sammy, Animal ID # A896410. At the Brooklyn ACC. Today, while most of us were drinking our morning coffee, a beautiful dog named Sammy was being euthanized at the NY ACC. Sammy died even though there was someone calling persistently but could not get through. Animal Control doesn't open until 3pm. How many more animals die at NY ACC because the phone lines are not open to willing adopters? NY ACC is in serious need of reform. Thousands of animals DIE each year because of worn out excuses from our agencies who are supposed to be the guardians of our animals. There are many who are willing to help find homes for these animals and yet, too much of the killing is done behind the scenes. As we speak for those who have no voice, when will the killing in the New York animal shelters stop? When will you being to create a no-kill model in your progressive city? We would like an answer now! Patrick Sent Us!!

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