2nd season of I.N.K.

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so they said it in there own episode.

Hey I'm Bforce and I want to talk about season 2 of I.N.K. (Invisible Network of Kids) because I loved it and not only I loved it, it has made me and others very sad when we saw that I.N.K. has not become a 2nd season. Here is why I'm writing this short letter, because I want you to read this i want you to understand why I'm fighting for I.N.K.. Thats what Im fighting for I hope you with me.

Its because it was a very good serie and it stole my childhood in a good way when i see what's on TV now then I can't see it anymore and the most things on TV now for kids is CRAP.

I mean the new seasons from Spongebob really ?! Its really sad for us when we can only see that our most likely cartoon turns in crap or ends to fast and I.N.K. really disappeared to fast so that is why i think I.N.K. can become a 2nd season I don't wan't to see too many seasons of I.N.K. I only wanna see a good ending or film who can end I.N.K.. Since I really hate it when peoples are producing such nice cartoons and then the mostly who see it loved it. But then it doesn't really have a final end or its to short or to crappy. Since it has been on TV for to long its just getting kicked out. Is it really that nobody wants to watch this anymore come on I'm not the only one. its not okay I mean nothing is forever but it doesn't have to end this way.

long story short good things in TV are to rare and when a good serie comes than its over in a very short time so the thing I'm fighting for is a 2nd season for a good cartoon who finished to fast.

If we make it we have a 2nd beautiful season and if not then we have nothing.

Sorry for my spelling I'm Swiss.

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