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Swoon Silver are a small independent retailer, run by Samantha Newell. She sells out of a stall at Bath Road Market on Bath Road, Cheltenham. Among the real fur items she sells are fox fur gilets, coats, pom poms, ponchos, headbands and more. She also sells coney (rabbit fur) items.Specifically with this campaign we target her sale of fur products by JayLey Collection, operating out of Stoke-On-Trent. According to Respect For Animals, over 75 million mink and fox are bred each year for their skins. Slaughter methods include gassing (using vehicle exhaust), neck breaking, lethal injection and electrocution (using electrodes clamped in the mouth and inserted in the rectum). As fur farming is so cruel, it is banned in the UK.  JayLey has this statement on their website, under the header of "Mission Statements": "JayLey Collection adopts a strict animal welfare policy. All products of animal origin from JayLey Collection, including fur and leather, come exclusively from animals raised on farms in ethical condition and under no circumstances come from animals sacrificed exclusively for the sale of their fur." True, rabbit fur can be a by-product of the meat industry but there is no farm out there breeding foxes for another purpose and then having their fur as a by-product. So, when JayLey Collection claims that ALL the animals used in their products were "raised on farms". This means that ALL of the fox fur was raised on a fox fur farm, leaving their claim -that all the fur comes from farms where that isn't the primary reason for the animal's breeding- as complete twaddle. If all the animals raised for fur were raised on farms, this cancels out that any of them were caught in the wild in leg hold traps. Every single one of the foxes she sells the fur of were raised on fur farms.  See the JayLey Collection products for sale via Swoon Silver, Cheltenham here: Wearing fur is entirely unethical and quite frankly horrific and we urge Swoon to stop selling this blood stained product.  For more information go to:  

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