SAVE our Hokitika SPCA animal shelter from closure

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The SPCA head Office has closed our animal shelter in Hokitika under the cloak of covid that was community fundraised and built. There has been no consultation with the communities that paid for it. Two locals bequeathed their land and home to help fund the Hokitika shelter. Local tradesman gave their time. The local community were strong fundraisers for the new build. Many volunteers have worked tirelessly and in less than ideal circumstances in the former shelter to have their well fought for new building taken away.

The local SPCA shop is expected to fund the Greymouth shelter and turn away people with animals to be rescued sending them to Greymouth a 30 minute drive each way at least depending on where the animals are in Westland. Each day people are coming in to the SPCA store and being told the Hokitika animal shelter branch is gone.

As a community all of New Zealand need to stand up and tell the SPCA that it is not an acceptable outcome for our community or the animals we want to save. It is not OK to put any animal at risk of abandonment or mistreatment due to 'financial' reasons or corporate gain.