Make the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet Permanent in Willow Glen

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This petition is being set forth in support of the citizens of San Jose living in the community of Willow Glen who are in support of making the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet permanent. While we understand the good of the city sometimes requires sacrifice, we also believe that the many communities that make up San Jose, such as Willow Glen, are what make our city so unique. We do not have one downtown, but many, we do not have one culture, but many and keeping those downtowns vibrant with their diverse cultures is key to the long-term success of the Capital of Silicon Valley.

Prior to the road diet, Lincoln Avenue more resembled an expressway than a community Main Street. Since the implementation of the road diet, we have seen a marked change with slowing of traffic and an increase in pedestrians. There are still many issues to be worked out for this to be successful, but the first step in making this road diet permanent is the most important step and one that must be taken if we are to keep the vibrant community downtowns, such as Willow Glen, that make up this great city.

The Lincoln Avenue Road Diet has become a hot button issue over the course of the last 3 months and will be coming to a vote from your various organizations in the coming days. There have been many views both pro and against the road diet, as well as another formal petition to stop the road diet. This petition is being set out for those who are in favor of keeping the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet permanently. As with many hot button issues those against are often the most vocal and those for often do not have a voice as they are “shouted down” in the public square. By providing you with this petition, those for the road diet will have the ability to collectively make their voices heard.

We the citizens of Willow Glen, the greater city of San Jose, and those who support vibrant downtown communities urge you to vote to make the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet permanent.

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