Clean-Up Monterey Road Dumping

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Monterey Road has become a dumpsite for all the people of San Jose. This has massively increased due to homeless individuals that live around the railroad tracks owned by Union Pacific. They have created a public nuisance, are endangering themselves and individuals driving on Monterey Road, and have created an environmental nightmare. The main areas impacted are on Monterey Road/Bailey intersection and Monterey Road/Bernal, under the bridge. 

Our District 2 representative, Sergio Jimenez, has acknowledged the growing problem but has cited Union Pacific as the delay in clean-up and COVID restrictions. Councilmember Jimenez, Mayor Liccardo, and San Jose City Councilmembers have continually come up with one excuse or another to avoid taking action and creating a safe, clean, and environmentally friendly atmosphere for taxpaying individuals who live in District 2. 

We are demanding Councilmember Jimenez, Mayor Liccardo, and Union Pacific come together and form a plan, with an actual scheduled clean-up date, for both of these sites and how they will stop allowing Monterey Road/District 2 to be a dumpsite for the City of San Jose.

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