Reverse the court ruling that suspended the parental rights of Donna Branom

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This is important because this is blatant discrimination.  There is no valid reason to withhold visitation rights to the minor children belonging to Donna Branom from Donna Branom and Henry Calderon Jr. 

The parental rights and visitation rights of Donna and Henry to see Donna's two minor children have been suspended because Henry has HIV and the courts have ruled that there is sufficient cause for concern that the children will be put at risk.  That is a lie.

This is important because the actual fact is that Donna Branom is not even HIV+ she is HIV-, she poses no risk whatsoever to her children, yet she is being forced to visit her children only on supervised visits in the company of a complete stranger, while fielding questions from an inquisitive 8 year old who is not old enough to understand HIV nor should she have been expected to understand something like HIV. 

My name is Connie Shearer I have been HIV+ for 18 years and my daughter was told at 10 years old and she had an extremely difficult time and I wish other people would have respected my rights to not burden a child with information that was not pertinent to her day. 

Donna's fiancé's medical condition only involved either of the children if he planned on doing intravenous drugs or have unprotected sex with either of the children and that was never going to happen! Henry Calderon Jr. offered to submit to a background check to ease any fears.  This offer like the actual facts in this case were overlooked and not utilized.

On June 22, 2015 The 18th Judicial District Court, Sedgwick Country, Kansas Family Law Department, Judge Faith Maughan ruled to suspend the parental rights of Donna Branom because she chose to move Henry Calderon Jr. into her home knowing he had HIV because he disclosed his HIV+ status to Donna like the law required him to do and now he is being punished for that. 

I along with many other individuals have raised families without infecting them with HIV so this ruling to take the rights away from a woman who is not even positive because of ignorance and fear cannot be allowed to happen.  Please sign our petition to get the parental rights restored to Donna and Henry and help us make history as we work our way towards making new laws to prevent this sort of discrimination from ever happening again!

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