Salt Lake City Protest: Bring this would-be murderer to justice.

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Brandon McCormick was at the Salt Lake City protest for the murder of George Floyd. At 6:06 pm on 200 E by the Salt Lake City Public Library, Brandon McCormick was in his car and began to threaten protesters, saying that he has a bow and an arrow. Protesters then ran up the street, yelling “he’s got a bow and arrow! The guy in the black car is going to shoot people!” Protesters then began to kick and throw things at his vehicle. Brandon yelled, “that’s it,” got out of his vehicle, opened his back door, pulled out his bow and arrows and began to load it. A video clearly shows him loading his bow, screaming, “All Lives Matter,” and then immediately aiming his bow at an unarmed black man. He then turned around, aimed at the crowd behind him, before turning back, aiming at the same black man, and then firing the arrow. The man fell to the ground in an attempt to dodge the arrow, and then quickly got back up and tackled Brandon McCormick in self-defense. Protesters then proceeded to surround him, and attacked him to subdue him. The police intervened and took Brandon McCormick into custody, and rioters then set his vehicle on fire. Brandon McCormick has been released from police custody without even a case ever being opened to investigate this attempted murder on an unarmed protester by another civilian. He is now claiming that protesters attacked him in his car, unprovoked, and that two black men attacked him. This is not true. At least two videos and multiple eyewitnesses can testify that he stepped out of his vehicle, loaded his weapon, aimed it at a black protester, and shot to kill before being subdued. 

This petition is to bring this evidence to the Salt Lake City Police Department and demand that an investigation be opened and justice served. He should be tried for attempted murder.