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On June 6th, Codey Jolley appeared in court to answer for his crimes for the first time since the death of his 18 month old step son, Ethan Antes. Ethan was in the care of Mr. Jolley on the night of April 29th, where he was savagely abused and had to be life flighted to Primary Children's Hospital. However, it is the events leading up to his flight to the hospital that are being addressed as we request that Codey Jolley is held without release for the duration of this trial. You see, Mr. Jolley did not just abuse Ethan that night. He eventually called 911 to say that his step son had drowned in the bath tub, but he hung up on the operator who had tried to walk him through the process of CPR. He refused to provide an address to the first responders and left them to search for him and his step son for 45 minutes, at which point a neighbor reportedly directed them to the correct apartment. When first responders finally arrived, they found little Ethan face down in the hall way without a drop of water on him, a dry tub, and Mr. Jolley sitting on the bed doing absolutely nothing to revive the child in his care. Ethan died at Primary Children's Hospital despite all efforts for revival. His mother, Riki, sang him a song as he drifted into heaven. Now his mother will never be able to watch him grow up. She doesn't get to take him to his first day of school, his first dentist appointment, his first bike ride, and many other "firsts" that she has every right in the world to enjoy. Instead, she had to choose a coffin and a headstone. She has to visit her son in a cemetery and hope to God that he can hear her talking to him. Instead of coming home to slobbered kisses, she has an empty hole in her heart. Codey stole so much more than Ethan's life on that terrible day. He stole the happiness and joy that Ethan brought to his family. He stole an entire future from so many people. He stole the innocence from a child who had nothing but love and laughter to give to so many. On June 6th, Mr. Jolley had the audacity to request an early release based on the fact that he "cannot afford 1 million dollars" to walk free. He truly believes that after what he has taken from this world, he should be allowed to walk on the same streets as other innocent children. He believes he should touch the same sidewalks as the mother he stole a son from. I implore anybody reading this to find it within themselves to sign and say you do not want a monster with this kind of evil walking our streets. We are asking that Codey Jolley is held behind bars for the duration of this trial. We are asking that he is never released to harm another child. It would be the worst kind of injustice to Ethan for that man to walk free. I also ask that if you are reading this, help us to have Ethan's Law passed. We have written a request to the state of Utah demanding that the individuals who harm children are given a mandatory minimum sentence of 50 years to life in prison. We are asking to have child abuse resulting in death marked as a Capital Offense with either life in prison or death as the offender's punishment. Help us to get justice for Ethan. #JusticeForEthan

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