Stop Predatory Booting in Salt Lake City

Stop Predatory Booting in Salt Lake City

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Jennifer Davis started this petition to Salt Lake City Council Charlie Luke and

Parking Solutions engages in predatory booting in Salt Lake City

Recently I was a customer at Jamba Juice in 4th St Market. My car was booted while my son who had just spent the day at the hospital for surgery was sitting in the car drinking his Jamba Juice. I walked across the parking lot to get him a sandwich and a Parking Solutions employee in an unmarked car asked me where I parked when I was returning to my car.

He blocked my car with his own and put 4 boots on my car. He demanded $75 in cash or debit card. I showed him my Jamba Juice receipt and was told he could boot customers of 4th St. Market even if they did not leave the property.

Parking Solutions has booted cars in Salt Lake City unchecked for years, affecting thousands of SLC residents.

Parking Solutions makes hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by sneaking around and booting cars.  They are creating a problem, not solving it.

Utah State code currently states that car immobilization companies are required to accept credit cards. Parking Solutions employees demand payment in cash or debit card.  They do this to ensure citizens can not request a chargeback and have no recourse.

Car booting's frequently turn violent. In Salt Lake City, there are no laws requiring car booter's to have background checks, unlike tow truck drivers.

Police officer's are regularly called to de-escalate situations creating by car booting. This stresses our already overburdened taxpayer funded police force. 

Many other cities and states have either banned or regulated car booting.

  • Nevada has outlawed the practice entirely.
  • Seattle has banned companies from booting cars on private property 

Albuquerque regulations include:

  1. They do not allow occupied vehicles to be booted.
  2. The booting service implements and adheres to a policy of issuing a warning to a vehicle for parking without payment, and does not attach a boot to a vehicle unless and until three prior written warnings have been issued to that vehicle on three separate occasions.
  3. Boot companies must accept credit cards

Louisiana Requires

  1. Booting companies must have their company name, address and phone number on both sides of the vehicle.
  2. Owners of booted vehicles are allowed hearings on the booting incident if requested.
  3. Parking lots cannot have direct or indirect monetary interests in the booting operation.


  1. Requires employees of booting companies to undergo a background check and fingerprinting. They are ineligible to work in this industry if they have been convicted of certain crimes.
  2. The operator of any vehicle immobilization service shall not immobilize a vehicle and shall not charge a fee if the driver of the vehicle returns before the installation of the vehicle immobilization device is complete.

Please support regulating or outright banning the practice of booting cars in Salt Lake City by private companies.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!