Bring the LDS family’s that gathered in hoards at the SLC airport to justice

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Our objective is to hold The Church of Latter-day Saints authorities and members accountable to the law Rule R392-400 Temporary Mass Gatherings Sanitation(That was repealed right before the missionaries touched down in Utah) and according to Chapter 6
Utah Communicable Disease Control Act. The LDS Church has put all of Utah, and the USA at risk. Under the authority of the LDS general authorities they have brought missionaries from over seas (Asian contention specifically) and had a mass gathering of over 1,600 missionaries and their families without testing for Covid-19 and with out quarantine or a plan, or a plan to transport the missionaries to a private place for pick up by their families.

What needs to be done to correct this is all the families of the missionaries that gathered in mass numbers at the Salt Lake City airport on 3-22-20 and the Churches Authorities need to be held accountable to the law and should be handed out the proper misdemeanors and or felonies for this misconduct. In addition all the families that were in attendance at the airport should also be quarantined and put on house arrest until they can be tested for Covid-19, and then processed by the Salt Lake City police department once they are safely able to do so.