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Say No to a 4000 capacity pig shed adjacent to Ragpath Woods

Application Reference: DM/17/00919/FPA

Proposal: Construction of an industrial building to house 4000 pigs


We are looking to protect one of the most beautiful parts of the County Durham countryside from being overwhelmed with the following:

  • Unsightly Industrial Buildings, breaking the landscape.
  • Permanent Noise Pollution
  • The spreading of Pig Slurry across our land, please see the area shaded in blue to be used for the purpose of the slurry disposal.
  • Pollution into the watercourse
  • Damage to fish stocks in The River Deerness
  • Spoiling beautiful country walks through Ragpath Woods which will be within a few yards of the proposed pig sheds.
  • Heavy industrial traffic ruining the road which has become a popular cycling and walking route and destination over the years, also causing danger to lives of children and families on the various nature walks.
  • The permanent stench of pig muck including airborne pollution
  • De-valuation of local property and businesses alike.
  • Inaccurate data and the clandestine manner in which local residents and businesses were not notified about the planning application, and only given 21 days to respond.
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  • Sally Pullan

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