Stop the RHS Bridgewater from further culling of roe deer at their site

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RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Garden Bridgewater admit to "humanely culling" the roe deer on their site. Absolutely inexcusable behaviour, especially as they admit they have prioritised plants over animals.

The deer had previously inhabited the site for over a century and were 'moved on' by the RHS, who had refused to admit culpability for the increased amount of deer who had drowned in the Bridgewater canal whilst their building work was ongoing

We can NOT let them cruelly kill ANY more wildlife.

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Stop the RHS Bridgewater from further culling of roe deer at their site

I started a petition to ensure RHS Garden Bridgewater's actions (culling of roe deer who had returned to their site, as generations before them had roamed the land for over a century) would not be allowed to go unnoticed and in 4 hours it received over 1000 signatures from like minded people who do NOT want to see any future deer, who may get access to the land, meet the same fate.

The RHS stated that because of covid, they could not safely move the deer on to another location (as they claimed to have done with those who were on the land last Summer) and therefore the only solution was to cull them.

They had previously denied that the increasing number of deer being found in the Bridgewater canal was in no way related to their building work (they destroyed over half of their habitat, the woodlands at the back of the site), but thanks to pressure from Salford Greenspace, Salford Wildlife and a few of our local councillors, they did admit to the culling, which had been rumoured to be happening.

From tweets by members of those groups and other residents in Boothstown, and tagging various media outlets and wildlife organisations, the petition and cause is continuing to grow. There have been articles in various media outlets, including The MEN. The cause has been shared in a news item on BBC NorthWest.

Just to make this clear - we aren't dealing with culling to control a large herd, this was a small amount of deer who roamed back to the site, and the RHS had previously made promises that they would move any deer on. They did not.

We must be the voice for our wildlife. We can NOT let the RHS think they are above being questioned for their actions.