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Keep Eye-Fi X2 WiFi cards active for 10 more years.

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Eye-Fi was founded in 2005 and has made excellent SD memory cards that could automatically send pictures from a camera via WiFi to an associated PC, smartphone and social-media websites. They have received a number of awards and accolades for their invention and have undoubtedly sold many hundreds of thousands of units worldwide. The SD cards were not cheap and were sold as quality products including such useful features as automatic WiFi based geo-location tags and saving of pictures automatically into specific folders on a computer. Their Pro X2 range has been sold to advanced amateurs and professional photographers who appreciate the advanced capabilities of these cards. The X2 cards have been sold by Eye-Fi up to March 2015 and can still be found available to order online and in some shops.

They have released a new range of SD cards (Mobi and Mobi Pro) with similar features, yet at a higher price and requiring an expensive cloud subscription ($49.95 from second year) to approximate the same features as was offered with the X2 cards without any additional subscription needed.

On June 30, 2016, the Eye-Fi company abruptly announced that all previous generation cards (X2 and before) will be completely obsoleted and useless after September 16, 2016. Considering their high price and that they only stopped selling the cards in March 2015, means that a lot of customers are being effectively disenfranchised with very little warning. The only offer being made to existing customers is to buy a Mobi Pro 16GB for a reduced price from the USA. However, it is often possible to buy such discounted Mobi Pro cards online for similar prices, so the offer is not worth much and the offer is of little use to customers outside the USA.

With this campaign, we want to strongly object to the discontinuation of the service for Pro X2 and previous cards. We feel that the existing service should be offered for at least 10 years after the official last sales of these cards, that is until March 2025. Considering the significant numbers of such X2 and previous cards sold, they are disenfranchising a large number of their customers, prematurely.

We can understand that maintaining the infrastructure for such legacy cards does cost money and we feel that a subscription of up to $20 per annum and customer account (which may include several cards), to maintain full capabilities including geo-tagging) would be reasonable and acceptable.

This petition is to demand that these cards be allowed to be used for another 10 years and if necessary, a reasonable fee can be paid to cover their costs. This would be a responsible way for the company and customers to allow these legacy cards to be used for a suitable time period.

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