Petition for Salem state to make all 2020 spring classes pass/fail given the circumstances

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Given the world wide circumstance of the Coronavirus  and students having to leave school ,  as a student in the Salem state community I believe that it is unfair for online schooling to just be thrown on us as students as the only option to continue school for various reasons. Well start with the most important fact which is that not everyone has access to the internet but not only that most of our students come from international backgrounds where they’re coming from a state of poverty and can not access the internet or even have something as a lap top to even work on. Not only that but most people have to go to the library to do online work for complete access to the internet and almost all public libraries across Massachusetts are closed because of the coronavirus so they can’t even do online school all together. Next many students are not online learners and have a very difficult time learning new subjects over online classes as I am one of them. Imagine Nursing majors , Biology majors ,  and basically every science major which have labs which is a hands on class which teach us how to work in our field of study properly but how are we going to learn if looking at our teacher through a screen with no real materials. As you can see from all the reasons I listed and I can list many more Online schooling should be a choice and not forced on students as it is not a real method of learning for everyone. Please take into consideration what I have said and do what’s best for not only the students but for our future thank yo