Add Decals to the Dauphinee Centre Pedway to Save the Birds!

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The new Dauphinee Centre pedway at SMU is a huge, all-glass structure that has been the cause of multiple bird deaths recently. On my way to class this morning I found a dazed little bird sitting underneath it, on the path many students walk to get around campus. Campus Facilities says that they have never picked up or found any dead birds on campus while doing their rounds, yet this is the second time in TWO DAYS we have found a stunned bird underneath the glass. All that needs to be done to prevent this is to stick decals onto the glass so the birds can easily tell it is a solid structure. When we spoke to Facilities at SMU they turned us away saying “It just wouldn’t look pretty”. Well, I’d rather they think this pedway doesn’t look pretty than find dead and dying birds every morning when I walk to school. Saint Mary's University Halifax this is an easy fix, and we would all appreciate it if you took our concerns seriously.

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