Support and Save Dr. Greg Manco of Saint Joseph's University from Cancel Culture

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Dr. Greg Manco is a Visiting Assistant Professor of the Department of Mathematics at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia. He is also the Volunteer Assistant Coach of Saint Joseph's Hawks Baseball. He expresses his political beliefs on his Twitter account @SouthJerzGiants, and does so like any other person. His Tweets are intelligent, rational, and tactful.

A smear campaign, started by Instagram user @haddiieee and Twitter user @conjoinedtoepez has resulted in Dr. Manco being put on paid leave pending investigation. These accounts are committing libel, due to the real world consequences that have already occurred. We must let Saint Joe's know that this cannot, and will not be tolerated!

A diversity of ideas cannot take place if we subject those we disagree with to the court of [our] public opinions. This only sets a dangerous precedence.