Save Rockwood Park from Development

Save Rockwood Park from Development

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Friends of Rockwood Park started this petition to Mr. Don Darling (Mayor, City of Saint John) and

Last year, we declared victory after the City of Saint John abandoned plans to re-zone part of the park to medium-density residential development. Now, the City is considering changes to zoning that could allow wind and/or solar energy projects to operate in Rockwood Park. 

If you don't believe the wild and natural areas of Rockwood Park should be developed into solar or wind projects, we beg you to submit a short comment to to noting any concerns before August 7th!

The City MAY change the wording to exempt Rockwood Park from the zoning change but ONLY if they have comments from many residents. Your comments will be recorded for the comment period and will be addressed with the final package of amendments for Council consideration.

Sign this petition and say YES to keeping Rockwood as it is and NO developing Rockwood Park.

But more importantly, write an email to TODAY.

Rockwood Park is a precious gem in our city and is one of the largest urban parks in Canada. We love it for many reasons, and in all seasons. We the quiet spaces and trails, to enjoy the water, birds, trees, and natural environment. We use it for biking, birding, running, and swimming. Converting any part of this park for solar and/or wind projects will decrease it’s ecological, recreational and aesthetic value.

If you love Rockwood Park the way it is, speak up and visit our Facebook Group.

--------------Some suggestions for your email:-----------------

Dear Common Clerk,

I am writing as a Saint John resident, with regards to proposed zoning amendments that will allow wind and solar projects in Parks and Natural Areas - including Rockwood Park.

I am opposed to this amendment unless it is revised to exempt Parks - especially Rockwood Park.

I am not opposed to green energy projects - they are crucial to combatting the climate crisis. However, Rockwood Park and other parks are not the places for wind or solar projects. There are several reasons why: habitat disturbance, infrastructure clearing, noise, pollution. Planting thousands of trees is cheaper and the most economical solution to the climate crisis. 

Please don't develop my Parks!


Your name



July 8: Background information for the proposed changes was provided as part of an agenda packet.

July 22: The Friends of Rockwood Park and others met with city staff for an explanation of the proposed changes. It was a positive meeting.

Today: Write an email!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!