Save Rockwood Park from Development

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Saint John City Council is considering a proposal to sell and rezone a 12.8-acre portion of Rockwood Park adjacent to Harrigan Lake as a mid-density or high-density residential development. Sign this petition and say YES to keeping Rockwood as it is and NO developing Rockwood Park.

Rockwood Park is a precious gem in our city and is one of the largest urban parks in Canada. We love it for many reasons, and in all seasons. The area around Harrigan lake provides a quiet space to enjoy the water, birds, trees, and natural environment. We use it for biking, birding, running, and swimming. Converting nearly 13 acres to residential housing will decrease it’s recreational and aesthetic value.

The Friends of Rockwood Park have other concerns as well. We worry that converting a portion of Rockwood Park to medium-density housing will:

  • create increase the input of salt and effluent from vehicles into the lake. The suggestion of 180m buffer may not be feasible or effective given the topography of the land,
  • create traffic issues in this area that will pose a risk to human and wildlife health,
  • impact the enjoyment of park users hiking along Harrigan Lake trails,
  • diminish the economic and intrinsic value of the park, and
  • set an unintended precedent – which may help to "clear the way" for other areas of Rockwood Park to be developed. If Saint John can re-zone part of the park now, what is to stop it from increasing development once the tax-base is established?

If you love Rockwood Park the way it is, speak up! If you want to hear more about the proposal, visit our  Facebook Group and Website

 Are you a Saint John resident?  It is most helpful if you send an email directly to the City of Saint John ( We have prepared a draft letter to help - you can find it here. Be specific about how you use the park (biking, walking, hiking, bird watching etc.) and your concerns about the proposed development. 

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