Tell Saint Francis Health System And BlueCross To Compromise: Over 59,000 To Be Affected

Tell Saint Francis Health System And BlueCross To Compromise: Over 59,000 To Be Affected

May 6, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Logan Bellew

As the Tulsa community learns the news that as of July 29th, St. Francis hospital, Warren Clinic, and Laureate will no longer accept BCBS insurance after they have failed negotiations, many people are scrambling to find new providers for various medical conditions. According to BCBS:

"Saint Francis has more than 100 locations, but only four acute care hospitals. It continues to expand, adding clinics and retail locations," the insurer said in their statement. "Saint Francis wants BCBSOK to reimburse many of its clinic and retail locations the same as the acute care hospitals. This would mean our members pay much higher rates for services at off-campus locations operated by Saint Francis. We want to ensure our members receive the right service, at the right place for the right price. This is not the outcome we had hoped for, but our networks remain strong and we are committed to help our members who decide to transition to the thousands of other quality, in-network providers in the  Tulsa  metro and across the state.  "

So it comes down to St. Francis wanting insurers to pay more for satellite service, and BCBS is refusing. Let's look at the revenue of St. Francis for 2018 (the most recent on ProPublica. 2019 Data is available just not extracted for easy viewing) :

Total Revenue
Total Functional Expenses
Net income

It may not look that impressive after expenses, however, let's also look at the value of the assets for St. Francis for 2019: 

Total Assets
Total Liabilities
Net Assets

All while their CEO, Jake Henry Jr has reported a salary of over 1.9 million dollars.

Eric E Schick, the CFO reported a salary of over $900,000.

Lynn Sund, who is listed as "administrator" reported a salary of over $600,000.

Sign my petition. DEMAND Saint Francis and BCBS continue to negotiate for their members/patients until an agreement can be made. There are over 59,000 households that will be affected by this. That OVER 59,000 people will be losing access to their PCP, rheumatologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, surgeons, and other crucial health care service providers because of this decision. Many people will not be able to get set up for the services they need elsewhere and this can significantly impact their health- All over profit. Shame on St. Francis! 

Tulsan's Deserve Better!


BCBSOK: (918) 551-3500

Saint Francis Hospital:918-494-2200


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Signatures: 330Next Goal: 500
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