Sainsburys: Add a 'Donate to Foodbank' button to your online shopping

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As we are in another lockdown, fewer people are visiting supermarkets in person, meaning the food bank donation baskets are emptier than they have ever been. Online financial donations are a great solution but as more people are shopping online, there should be a simple 'Donate to Foodbank' button to add items to your basket that can be placed in the donation basket in store to ensure food banks are still receiving physical donations as well. As a primary teacher in south London, I have experienced first-hand the devastating impact that hunger and poverty has on children and witnessed with sadness the growing number of people in our community who use the foodbank; I feel passionately that we should keep the donation shelves well-stocked. 

According to the Trussell Trust:

-The Trussell Trust forecasts a 61% increase in food parcels needed across its UK network in October to December – six parcels given out every minute
- During the start of the pandemic around half of people who used a food bank had never needed one before
- Families with children have been hardest hit 

When I started this petition, food parcels had replaced the £30 free school meal food vouchers during this lockdown. These meagre parcels were widely shared online by the writer Jack Monroe and footballer Marcus Rashford. 

The food the families received was estimated to be worth far less than £30, demonstrating again that this government does not prioritise those in need and implying that poorer families cannot be trusted to buy the food they need and know they are able to prepare, suggesting that they should be grateful for anything they are given.

The Government has now u-turned and will be providing vouchers, and it shows that it’s up to us the public to put pressure for things to happen!

Donating to food banks through online grocery shopping is a simple way for the public to donate and support families in our communities. Please sign my petition to urge Sainsburys to make this happen!