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Sainsbury's: Please stop shooting trapped birds!

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Birds who fly into Sainsbury's stores and get trapped, have been shot, by pest control.  We would like Sainsbury's to get the pest control company/companies that they use, to release them back into the wild instead, using nets.  We would also like Sainsbury's to either remove all netting outside their stores, or ensure that birds do not get trapped in or behind it. If they do get trapped then we are asking Sainsbury's to release them immediately, and to not harm them.  Netting frequently traps birds so if Sainsbury's insist on using this, rather than more humane alternatives, it must be checked, inspected and maintained regularly.

There is simply no excuse for killing these birds when they can, instead, be humanely returned to the wild. We implore Sainsbury's to listen to what we are saying; many of the people signing this petition will be customers of theirs, and will be shocked to read about the inhumane treatment meted out to birds. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation lies in how it treats its animals".  We are asking Sainsbury's to please abide by this wise sentiment.

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