Ban the Inhumane Treatment of Arctic Foxes on Finnish Fur Farms

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In Finland, Arctic foxes are bred in squalid, tightly confined containers for the sole purpose of being inhumanly slaughtered, skinned, and sold to high-end fashion brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The Finnish government enacted the Finnish Animal Welfare Act, which explicitly states that "animal breeding that causes pain and suffering is prohibited." Yet, this Animal Welfare Act has done nothing to stop the unimaginably cruel practice of Finnish monster-breeding

Artic foxes; adorable, highly-intelligent animals in the same family as your beloved dog, normally weigh 6 - 8 pounds (3 - 4 kilos) in the wild, but are being bread to weigh over 44 pounds (20 kilos) by Saga Furs!!

Not only are their conditions on these fox fur farms unbelievably cruel and unthinkable to begin with, but these monster bred foxes are in constant daily pain in their joints and muscles, and most of them cannot even stand on their legs. The pictures of their little faces show so much fear, sadness, and PAIN that I cannot fathom how the Finnish government, a progressive, liberal democracy, is allowing such HORRORS to take place to arctic foxes.

Foxes, like their cousins the domestic dog, are pack animals. They instinctively have a trust and desire to be around humans. They are highly intelligent, highly sociable, and worst of all, studies have proven their ability to understand the environment they are in. What this means is these animals are not only being tortured in ways that are cruel beyond compare on a daily basis because they weigh over 5 times what their bodies can carry, but they are AWARE THEY ARE BEING TORTURED. This is all before they are killed cruelly in ways I cannot bear to describe and skinned (some alive).

Please, I beg of you to help me do something to end this cruel, unnecessary, and heartbreaking practice from continuing in civilized society. I am confident that this is a solvable issue and that the Finnish government will do what is right. 

50,000 SIGNATURES AND THE FINNISH GOVERNMENT IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO HEAR THE PETITION! We can do it! I believe in us that we can save these foxes from torture and stand up to evil corporations who let the little man do the dirty work! JOIN ME!