Safety from speeding cars and noise in Port Phillip (from Fisherman's Bend to St Kilda)

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Every year, warm weather tends to bring on reckless behaviour...from trucks to drivers and motorcyclists wanting to show off their vehicles or their driving prowess as they head along the waterfront. 

Whilst there is a 60km speed limit down Beach St (and 40km on Bay St at particular times which I rarely see acknowledged), this does not deter these motorists...and the lack of police resourcing to correct speeding behaviour is restricted to one vehicle only across an extensive area. 

I would like something to be done about this so that our elderly residents, families including innocent children and tourists who are not familiar with our road rules or directions are kept safe as they cross busy Beach St and other main streets...encompassing Todd Rd all the way down to the St Kilda area (and no doubt beyond, the recent fatal Elwood accident demonstrating the potential for further accidents). This could either be by installing speed cameras, issuing speeding fines, implementing speed bumps or greater resourcing on the roads (undercover being the most effective so behaviour is not altered when police cars are spotted). 

Main streets of concern:
- Beach St, Port Melbourne
- Bay St, Port Melbourne
- Graham St, Port Melbourne
- Ingles St, Port Melbourne
- Pickles St, Port Melbourne
- Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne
- The Boulevard, Port Melbourne
- Plummer Street, Port Melbourne
- Prohasky Street, Port Melbourne 
- Todd Rd, Port Melbourne
- Kerferd Rd, Albert Park
- City Rd, South Melbourne
- Canterbury Rd, Middle Park

Please sign (and share) this petition before a tragic accident happens.