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To improve Road Safety, due to recent spate of accidents which is trending to a killing spree.

Following points need urgent attention :

a) Debilitated & Encroached pavements are causing inconvenience to general public, especially to the Senior Citizens and Children. These footpaths to be repaired / refurbished with stainless steel side railings and vehicle restrictors, and to be designed to Safety Standards. Some sections on Marve Road, viz. outside ‘The Shelter’ bungalow, near Fr. Justin Ground @Mitchowki, are without footpaths. These areas need urgent attention, as pedestrians need their right of way.

b) Existing one-way and other wider roads viz. Fr. Justin D’Souza Road near Orlem Market, is a 60~75 ft wide 6-lane Road, and is extremely difficult for senior citizens and children to cross with speeding vehicles from both directions. It is imperative that speed breakers and / or road island dividers (slightly raised) / flexible reflective delineators / road barriers (FRP only), be installed to help enable crossing at ease. Also considering this road to be made 2-way (3x3 lanes), will ease lot of traffic burden on this stretch.

c) There are no speed breakers in proximity of Schools viz. St. Annes High School & Pinnacle Int'l / Balaji High School along Sunder Lane, and this is very unsafe for children of our society. Installation of speed-breakers / double rumblers should serve a good purpose.

d) At present 'One Way' roads, Speed Breakers and Pedestrian Zebra Crossing and 'No-Entry' sections are without proper signages and markings. 

e) Hawkers including PUC Mobile vans & Food trucks, along the Main Road cause further inconvenience to pedestrians and motorists too. Both one way sections viz. HDFC Bank to Mitchowki-Link Road Junction & Corporation Bank to SunFlower PathLab, should be made strictly non-hawking zones and no-parking zones (periodic).

f) Garbage collection zones are kept in unclean and unhealthy conditions. There is a need to followup on Swach Bharat program and maintain cleaninless and thus a ‘Clean & Green Mumbai’ commissioned by BMC. Streets and garbage collection areas need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

g) Motorists (2/3/4 wheelers) are driving in the wrong directions, thereby violating traffic rules, and have caused many accidents which have been at times, very fatal; most recently a tea stall vendor lost his life, and a home-maid suffered multiple fractures in the ribs and femur bone.

h) Major intersections / junctions viz. Prabhat Stores, Orlem Church, Shankar Lane, Sunder Lane..., are unmanned by police personnel. Having a Traffic constable at such locations is imperative. Also, installing CCTV Cameras, close monitoring (capturing vehicle number plates and serving penalty notices) from remote control stations will definitely curb driving violations. 

i)  Orlem receives very heavy vehicular traffic at all times. Following measures can be done to reduce congestion on Marve Road (Main Road).

AA) Opening access to Link Road at intersection west side of Sunder Lane, so that traffic from Marve Road is diverted through Sunder Lane. This way there will be lesser movement of vehicles in residential area of JBC Colony

BB) Most of the commuters are usually travelling to Malwani Sector #7, and the only access now is through the congested Mitchowki Creek bridge. If access to this sector through extension of Ramchandra Lane is opened via Evershine Bridge, it will resolve lot of traffic woes on Malad West along Link Road and Marve Road.

CC) Opening access road of Kanchpada DeMonte  extension to Sunder Lane, so that traffic transit this road instead of going in wrong side at Marve Road near Monginis Cake Shop. This way there will be better movement of vehicles via Liberty Garden - Kanchpada - Sunder Lane.