Reimburse Safemoon community for losses due to 100% tax during compulsory migration.

Reimburse Safemoon community for losses due to 100% tax during compulsory migration.

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Safemoon Development and Core Team

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Started by Safemoon Community

Dear Safemoon Developers and Core team,

Many of our Safemoon community members have lost their tokens due to the 100% tax that had been imposed on V1 by the devs just days ago. While instructions were given on social media channels, they were not clear enough and many users missed them if they weren't frequenting those channels. There was a lack of disclosure of the 100% tax across all apps, and the fees appeared normal to the user. Safemoon's own app, which the development team has absolute control over, did not provide sufficient warning to prevent users making this simple mistake, nor did it bar users from making this transaction. 

Imposing a 100% tax was an unprofessional and disappointing business decision which those affected in our community want rectified. In the traditional business world, a company would not be allowed to do this. If Safemoon is serious about wanting mainstream adoption, it needs to look after it's community and provide a fair platform, that is accessible to young and old, new and seasoned members of the cryptocurrency community. To be considered a valuable asset, it needs to embody the value it's name references - to be safe. Creating a poorly explained 100% tax consolidation environment, was anything but safe for it's users. 

Some of the members out there who lost their tokens were dependant on them for their livelihoods. Maybe they were using those funds to survive the economic hardship of the pandemic, to feed their families or to pay off student loans. We ask that the Safemoon community and team show humility rather than greed or quick judgement, and weigh this issue seriously. 

On behalf of those Safemoon users who were taxed at 100%, we ask for reimbursement of our funds. 

Critical questions need to be raised and examined: 
- Why was an automatic swap not done?
- Why was 100% tax imposed, instead of other more community friendly options?
- Why was the 100% tax not mentioned on the consolidation page in the Safemoon app?
- How much money of people's money was accrued in the 100% tax?
- What does Safemoon have to say about where all this 100% tax has gone?
- Is this ethical? 
- How and when will our community members be reimbursed?

Please show your support for a fairer, safer and more valuable Safemoon by signing this petition.

506 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!