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Safeguard Species; Reverse Bush's Last Minute Rules

The Bush Administration may be gone, but they left behind damaging regulation changes that threaten the polar bear and all species feeling the impacts of our warming world.  You can help reverse these changes by taking action right now.

The Bush rules eliminated a scientific review by the Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service of projects that could harm imperiled wildlife.  They also explicitly prohibit federal agencies from considering greenhouse gas emissions in determining impacts on polar bears, wolverines and other wildlife that may go extinct due to global warming caused by such emissions.

Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed its omnibus budget bill, which includes a provision that would enable Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to reverse these Bush Administration changes.  But, some Senators are working hard to strip these provisions from the bill when it is debated in the next few days. 

Urge your Senators to oppose any attempt to remove this important Endangered Species Act provision from the omnibus budget bill.  Use the form below to send an email - and if you have an extra moment, please follow this  with a phone call.

Letter to
U.S. Senate
As a constituent, I strongly urge you to oppose any attempt to remove provisions from the omnibus spending bill that would help reverse the Bush Administration's last minute rule changes that undermine the enforcement of the Endangered Species Act and its protections.

Agencies proposing projects such as highways, dams, mines, oil or gas drilling and other activities should not be allowed to decide for themselves whether a project is likely to impact any of the nearly 1,400 species currently protected by the Endangered Species Act without an outside, independent review by the Fish and Wildlife Service or National Marine Fisheries Service. 

The Bush rules also ensure that not a single conservation measure will be taken under the Endangered Species Act to help the polar bear beyond what was already required by other laws.

For the last 20 years, one of the great strengths of the ESA has been that it has helped use the best available scientific information to assess the status of species and to identify alternatives that would allow projects to proceed without jeopardizing their continued existence. 

Provisions in the Omnibus Spending Bill approved by the House of Representatives would allow Secretary of the Interior Salazar the option of erasing President Bush's devastating rules and ensuring that the Endangered Species Act remains an effective tool for safeguarding our nation's wildlife. However, some in the Senate may attempt to block these provisions from consideration as part of the omnibus spending bill.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans commented to oppose the Bush Administration's changes, but they were not heard.  I urge you to help overturn the new regulations by ensuring these needed provisions stay in the omnibus spending bill.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your reply.

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