Safe Schools Coalition under attack

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Safe Schools Coalition under attack

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The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), a privately run organisation that represents only a minority of Christians, has again targeted LGBTIQ Australians by calling for the axing of the Safe Schools Coalition’s anti-bullying campaign.

The Safe Schools Coalition mission is to create safe and inclusive school environments for LGBTIQ students. It does this by providing information, training, and resources to almost 500 schools to help stop homophobic and transphobic bullying and discrimination. The ACL has attacked this initiative with misinformation and the tired cry that “homosexuality is not natural.”

Prime Minister Turnbull is caving into bullying from the Australian Christian Lobby by calling for an investigation into the Safe Schools Program.

We, the Australian Equality Party, fundamentally oppose an investigation and call on the government to stop this homophobic campaign by the ACL which targets the most vulnerable LGBTIQ Australians and misrepresents people of faith.

Safe Schools is administered by state and territory Education Departments so we know it has been rigorously evaluated and is based on the best evidence available, and does not need to be investigated. 

Our schools still have a long way to go to meet the needs of LGBTIQ students who are subject to higher rates of bullying and suicide than non-LGBTIQ students. The Safe Schools Coalition’s work in reducing this bullying and discrimination against LGBTIQ students has been invaluable in protecting young people and saving lives.

The ACL does not represent the views of the vast majority of Australian Christians and their call for ending the Safe School's Coalition should be seen for exactly what it is: an unconscionable attack on some of the most vulnerable young people in our community.

The ACL has shown time and time again that it has a deep seated fear and hatred of the LGBTIQ community. This time they have gone too far.

We call upon all state education ministers to show their continued support for the Safe Schools Coalition and to resist any attempts by the ACL to destroy this life-saving initiative.

The ACL's hate campaign must stop now!

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This petition had 5,054 supporters

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