Change the dog attack laws in Hawaii to keep our family’s and pets safer.

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Petition to Amend the Laws to Protect Humans and Pets Against Dangerous Dogs

We the undersigned are extremely concerned with the presence of dangerous dogs in our neighborhoods. We have experienced or know of situations in which dangerous dogs have attacked and injured humans and pets causing serious injury. As defined in Article 7-7.1 of the City & County of Honolulu Ordinances, “Dangerous dog means any dog which, without provocation, attacks a person or animal.”

We would support amendments to Hawaii’s laws, for the purpose of public safety, that would require dangerous dogs to be promptly removed, after an attack, from their owner(s) to the Humane Society facility, licensed veterinarian or commercial kennel. This impoundment would be for the duration of an investigation and proceedings to determine reasonable cause of a violation of the laws.

In addition, we support the amendment of laws whereby pets would be considered as sentient beings rather than property. This would allow pet owners whose pets have been seriously injured or killed by dangerous dogs to recover damages.