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Terminate MTR Crossrail's £1.4bn contract to operate the new Crossrail Elizabeth Line.

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MTR Crossrail, a subsidiary of MTR Corporation has been awarded a £1.4bn contract to operate the new Elizabeth Line, the first major phase of the £15bn Crossrail project. 

Since the award of this concession by TFL in 2014, there have been a number of failures by MTR Corporation, which ought to be reviewed by the Mayor of London and TFL, and should ultimately result in the termination of this contract due to lack of confidence in MTR’s inability to perform.

Below are 6 key reasons for the termination of this contract with corresponding evidence of their failures:

On 17/09/19 Hong Kong train derailment triggers rush-hour chaos and passengers injuries, as MTR struggles to maintain operations.

HK$97.1 billion Sha Tin-Central rail link scandal demonstrates evidence of mismanagement at the very highest level at MTR Corporation.

  • Despite admitting to inadequacies in its oversight and supervision of the construction work, MTR Corp was earned a project management fee of HK$8 billion.
  • Upon questioning by the HK government, MTR revealed 60% of the documents certifying the construction work has never been submitted, leading to unapproved design changes made to the structures.
  • This revelation, coupled with the allegations of fake rebar installations at Hung Hom station platforms, means no one can guarantee structural safety.
  • Ultrasound investigations carried out by MTR have so far found over 34% of the connections were found to be defective.
  • Police are currently investigating the shoddy work allegations, MTR Corp has also reported some issues to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

On 24/08/19, MTR shuts 4 stations around legal protest in Kwun Tong following political pressure from Chinese state media, this has since lead to recent MTR’s poor financial performance.

  • Following criticism from Chinese state media, MTR took the unprecedented action of closing 4 stations along the protest route in their attempt to impeding the public from attending a lawful peaceful demonstration.
  • This politically motivated decision by MTR was made at the expense of their passengers, neglecting their foremost responsibility of providing a reliable public transport service.
  • Shutting down stations in areas of protests have since become a regular occurrence, causing unnecessary daily disruptions. MTR has lost public trust and support, leading to downtrend of people using the system.
  • This has subsequently caused the MTR’s share price to fall sharply by over 20% since July, the company’s credit rating has also been downgraded to “negative” by both Moody’s and Fitch.

On 21/07/19 MTR’s inactions and inability to adapt in emergencies endangered the lives of passengers during a terrorist attack at Yuen Long Station.

  • MTR reported a terrorist attack to the police, however no effort was made to evacuate, leaving passengers in Yuen Long station to fend for themselves from indiscriminate attacks by terrorists.
  • Pleads for help through intercom from passengers to shut a particular exit to prevent more terrorists from entering the station were ignored by station staff.
  • A fire alarm triggered as a result of the attacks, although monitoring live CCTV footage of the attack, MTR refused to deviate from standard protocols; instructing trains not to stop or leave the station, leaving passengers trapped with no safe means of escape, rather than reacting appropriately based on the extraordinary circumstances.
  • MTR staff has voiced discontent with senior management regarding the handling of  the situation, and has threatened to strike.

On 31/08/19, Riot police storms Prince Edward Station and violently tackled suspected protesters, MTR is alleged of collusion with police to cover up fatalities and evidence of police brutality.

  • MTR station staff gave little to no prior warning before shutting down the station, leaving passengers with no time to evacuate the station.
  • As riot police police storms trains and platforms, no MTR staff were at the scene to provide passengers with information and instructions on evacuation.
  • MTR has refused on multiple occasions to release CCTV footage despite pleads from public amidst rumours of fatalities.

On 11/08/19, MTR allows police to unlawfully fire tear gas inside the fully operational Kwai Fong station, both passengers and staff suffers effects of the tear gas, with both parties showing lack of concern for the health and safety of its passengers.

  • MTR evacuated tear gas smoke filled station concourse only after passengers reported feeling unwell.
  • Residues of the tear gas were found at the station, however no official decontamination effort was made, staff and passengers have felt the effects of teargas even after station reopened.



終止港鐵營運 Crossrail Elizabeth Line 的14億英鎊合同

港鐵的子公司Cross Crossrail已獲得價值14億英鎊的營運新的伊麗莎白線合同,這是150億英鎊Crossrail項目的第一大階段。

自TFL於2014年授予該特許權以來, 港鐵已有連翻營運及管理上的失誤, 在英國公眾期望獲得高水平的服務下 ,倫敦市長和TFL 應對MTR重新進行審查,並應該由於對MTR沒有信心去繼續履行合同而終止合同。



  • 早晨繁忙時間時時,有三個列車在紅磡站附近出軌,造成八人受傷,其中一名男子和四名女子送院。
  • 初步調查發現軌道上有四個裂縫,其中兩個裂縫寬度約30mm。
  • 這是一年中第二次發生的重大事故,上一次在三月份的事故中,兩列車由於信號故障而相撞。
  • 在出軌事件發生前一天,香港鐵路有限公司行政總裁金澤培承認,由於北京方面的政治壓力和最近的抗議活動,港鐵正在努力維持運營。

HK $ 97.1billion沙田至中環線的一樁醜聞證明了地鐵公司管理不善的證據。

  • 港鐵儘管承認其對建設工程的
  • 和監督不足,但仍收取了政府80億港元的項目管理費。
  • 在接受香港政府的訊問後, 港鐵 透露有60%的施工工作證明文件尚未提交,從而導致有未經批准的結構設計改變。
  • 這一發現,再加上在紅磡站台上安裝假鋼筋的指控,意味著沒有人能夠保證結構安全。
  • 迄今為止, 港鐵進行的超聲波調查發現超過34%的連接存在缺陷。
  • 警方目前正在調查劣質工作的指控,地鐵公司還向廉政公署報告了一些問題。


  • 港鐵在受到中國官方媒體的批評後,港鐵採取了前所未有的行動,關閉了進行合法的和平抗議活動附近的四個車站,以減少其出席人數。
  • 港鐵忽略了提供可靠的公共交通服務為首要責任,而以犧牲乘客為政治動機做出各種決定。
  • 此後,在抗議地區關閉車站已成為一種常態,造成不必要的日常干擾。 港鐵失去了公眾的信任和支持,導致人們使用港鐵有下降的趨勢。
  • 隨後導致港鐵股價自7月份以來大幅下跌了20%以上,穆迪和惠譽也將港鐵的信用評級下調至負面。


  • 港鐵向警方報導有恐怖襲擊,但並未作出適當的撤離,使元朗車站的乘客自生自滅,令他們受恐怖分子的無差別襲擊。
  • 乘客通過對講機請求協助以關閉特定出口以防止更多恐怖分子進入車站,但車站工作人員對此不予理會。
  • 襲擊引發了火警鐘響起,儘管港鐵在現場CCTV的實況錄像作出監視,但港鐵拒絕偏離標準協議,沒有作出及時的相應措施,指示火車不要停站或離開車站,使被困乘客沒有安全的逃生途徑引致生命受到威脅。
  • 港鐵員工對局勢的不滿威脅要罷工。


  • 港鐵車站工作人員在關閉車站前幾乎沒有發出預警,從而使乘客沒有時間離開車站。
  • 當防暴警察衝進列車和月台時,沒有港鐵人員在現場向乘客提供疏散的信息和指示。
  • 儘管有公眾傳聞死亡,但地鐵公司多次拒絕發布閉路電視錄像。


  • 在警方發射催淚彈後,港鐵只有在乘客報告感到不適時才驅散車站的乘客。
  • 車站有殘留的催淚氣體,但是港鐵並沒有進行官方的去污工作,即使重新開放車站,工作人員和乘客也感受到了催淚的影響。