Reinstate Night Tube for Winter 2021/2022 to improve Women's Safety traveling home in LDN

Reinstate Night Tube for Winter 2021/2022 to improve Women's Safety traveling home in LDN

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Started by Ella Watson

In the UK and London women and girls are unsafe on the streets, especially at night. The rightful outcry at the recent murders of Sabina Nessa and Sarah Everard on London's streets, epitomises the fear women face of walking alone or standing on the streets in the evening and at night. In fact, recent data from UN Women UK showcases how over 70% of women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment in public (UN Women, 2021). The decision taken by TfL to keep the night tube closed over the winter of 2021/2022 will have a disproportionate impact on women and low-income groups, with women forced to take expensive taxis home during the busy festive season as a result of being unsafe in public. Yet taxis themselves pose a risk to women, with 235 allegations of rape or sexual assault against London taxi / private hire drivers over a 12 month period during 2019 (which is equivalent to one assault every 2 days) (TfL, 2021). Any sexual assault is one too many.

Urgently more political will and political action is needed to dismantle misogyny, in order to tackle the root causes of violence against women in the UK. This involves inducing cultural and behavioral change through education, policy and practice. Including reform to key public institutions such as the Met, private institutions such as Uber, greater investment in support services for women and the prioritization of a national strategy.  Physical changes to the environment such as street lights and safer transport should not be seen as a solution, serving as a bandaid to the problem of violence against women, yet arguably they can help make a significant difference, especially during the winter months .

Whilst it is important to recognize the tube itself, much like other public transport, is not perfect and more needs to be done to protect women when using it,  the running of a well-lit and well-connected tube network, with platform cctv and appropriately trained security staff serves as the best transport option to ensure millions of women across London can get home safely in the evenings and at night this coming winter. The reopening of the night economy after lockdown without this infrastructure is a disservice to women's safety.

This petition calls on the following men to take responsibility for women's public safety and reopen the night tube this winter : Mayor of London and Chair of TfL Sadiq Khan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Transport Commissioner Andy Byford and Secretary of State for Transport Rt Hon Grant Shapps. It also calls for Elizabeth Truss Minister for Women and Equalities to recognize, debate and address the disproportionate impacts that will be experienced by women as a result of the night tube closure over the winter period.

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174,739 have signed. Let’s get to 200,000!