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Take immediate action against the motorcycle theft epidemic in London

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In 2016 the Home Office released a report stating that from 2012 to 2014 motorcycle theft in London increased by 44%. This epidemic of theft seems to have no signs of abating as thieves become more brazen, acting with impunity and no fear of being caught to the extent that they are happy to capture their crimes on film:

Even when the crime is caught on camera the Metropolitan Police have no interest in pursuing or investigating the case, often closing it due to "insufficient evidence". If a thief were to walk into a Post Office or bank and take £5,000; or were that value of goods were to be stolen from a business, action would no doubt be taken. That it is not in the case with motorcycle thefts is appalling.

This has a huge impact on motorcyclists by drastically increasing insurance premiums; and on Londoners in general through increased crime, criminals posing a danger to the public through reckless riding on pavements and through red lights. Stolen motorcycles and other powered two wheelers are also used as a mode of committing other crimes against Londoners.

This can be combated by making motorcycle theft a priority for the Met Police and giving them the proper resources to investigate motorcycle crime and offenders.

Giving the police the authority to chase criminals on stolen bikes without fear of the risk to the criminal.

Installing sufficient anchor points for motorcycles to be securely locked to in town.

On a national level, the sentencing guidelines for motorcycle theft need to be changed and minimum sentences increased to act as an effective deterrent.

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