Stop the Elthorne Works Over-Development

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Ealing Council  have granted planning permission to an enormous and entirely unsuitable Housing development on top of an industrial unit in Trumpers Way,  Hanwell.

Click on the link to view the plans: Ealing Planning Search

Planning Reference 184014FUL

We need to act now if we are to lobby Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London to “direct Ealing Council to refuse planning permission under the powers conferred on him by Article 6 of the Mayor of London Order (2008).”  Mayor Khan will have to get back to Ealing Council with a decision within two weeks!

Mayor Khan will have to get back to Ealing Council with a decision within two weeks!

The Homes to be built barely meet any minimum requirements for space, affordability and light.

We care deeply about the effect this will have on not only the existing neighbours but the future tenants of these dwellings.  We should not be accepting sub-standard building designs that have no consideration for the environment or the families that will be living in them.

The statistics supplied by the Developer have been manipulated to deliberately mislead the public on what the proposed site will be.

  • The amount of floors quoted on the plans only starts above the industrial units - the tallest block next to the River/canal will actually be 13-14 storeys high because the residential floors are above a 1-2 storey ‘podium’ of commercial space.  And the lowest block, the equivalent of 10-11 storeys.  This sets an alarming precedent for future development in the area, the immediate surrounding roads are no higher than 3 storeys - these towers will be massively out of place in the area
  • The quoted amount of flats that will be affordable is calculated using habitable rooms - the actual percentage of "affordable" dwellings is way less and the planners have no idea of the eventual cost of the individual flats so this means the commitment to affordable dwellings cannot be calculated !!!!????
  • The light survey carried out shows the development does not meet the most basic targets for light - overall 87%.  This shows the architect and developers have no consideration for the quality of life for the inhabitants or the surrounding neighbours.
  • The plan has nil Green Credentials - the planners have not included any public Green Space but have included general areas that are 2 storeys off the ground.
  • Of 203 dwellings the planners have worked their calculations on there being 30 Children.  This is hugely misleading - what Ealing Borough desperately needs now are affordable family homes, this means future families will be forced to pay extortionate rents to live in tiny abodes not fit for purpose. 
  • Consultation for development deliberately did not include locals that would be directly affected by the Towers looming over them
  • Questions put forward on the survey to less than 50 people were leading questions and the facts of the development were not given in full.  
  • The road access for the new development is by a single road - Trumpers Way. Already a very busy and dangerous road that serves the industrial estates behind it.  No consideration is given to the fact that this will be even busier throughout development and beyond when being used by so many more people.

Please help us stop this development - there has to be a better way - we believe we should not accept the plans as they do not serve to benefit anyone.