Stop probation services trying to recall black men for protesting about BLACK LIVES MATTER

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Right to protest !

In the UK we have the right to come together with others and peacefully express our views. Everyone has the right to associate with others and come together for a common purpose this is how democratically we are able to hold the powerful to account! 
Public authorities like the police force have to act in a way that does not breach our rights!

The Human Rights Act states that “everyone has the right to freedom of expression this right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas about interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers”

The black lives matter movement started to fight for freedom liberation and justice for black people everywhere and is now a global movement. The aim of this movement is to combat racism and the injustices that take place worldwide because of race. Black boys are proportionally more likely to be jailed than their white counterparts for the same crime. 
Currently several young black males who have previously been imprisoned are being threatened that they will be recalled due to their affiliations with the black lives matter movement!

Everyone deserves freedom of speech their voice should not be hushed! Help us stop the probation service abusing its power and forcing our silence!!

please sign this petition to stop the recall over Dutchavelli