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Scooter drivers to obtain full driving licences.

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For many years I have seen scooter riders riding with just L plates, and never taking thier road tests. Recently I feel that there is a greater concern that the people that are riding the scooters for example delivery drivers, have no knowledge of the road rules as they have never taken there road licence test. In the last 2 weeks I have had more concern. As I have seen 2 accidents, 4 near misses and scooter drivers swerving side to side and even riding there scooters on the pavements, putting predestrains at risk. I fear that one day I will see some one get really injured or even loose there life, due to there lack of knowledge by these riders that use the roads.

I feel that scooter riders that start riding with L plates should be given three months to take thier road test, and if not taken they would lose thier Learners licence. And have to resit thier test for the learners licence. As some scooter drivers have been driving around for years on there learners, with still no knowledge of the rules and risks, which a licence test provides.

I feel that our roads and sidewalks would be safer, if licence tests were put in place within a certain time period on getting thier learner licence. At least the riders would then have the knowledge of how to use the roads safely by having to take the test.

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