Save 123 Grove pArk's hidden woodland(grove) & (Camber)Well from destruction by developers

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☆There are quite a few old O.S. and land registry maps that suggest and indicate directly that the old Camber Well was situated in the grounds behind 123 Grove pArk. still to be exactly located...☆

In 2007 the was a Southwark planning document asking what to do with this space. 1 of the options was to use it as a community center of some sort.. unfortunately there was nobody intrested so the only other option was housing. Nobody's fault, just the way it is. A communiTEA wildflower woodland garden nature reserve seems like a the perfect use for the place � 

this is more than a hectare of practically undisturbed woods or it could be called a grove � that has a woodland TreePreservationOrder on it. Probably more than 200 trees that are the only refuge and home for so many plants and creatures that have managed to survive the inhuman race and the cataclysmic footprint of progress in the concrete jungle!!!

The secretary of state for communities gave a morgage to an offshore faceless corporate machine that doesn't know or care or see the woods full of birds and bees.. There's no bad intentions from anyone it's just business, its a project and a job.. Annihalation and destruction of precious habitats and life being an unfortunate result!!! Hopefully now better plans can be made.

Some of these trees have stood up for us and everything else for more than 300years (confirmed by 1 of the mayors TPO team)NOW WE MUST STAND UP FOR THEM

sign this petition and bee the voice the trees the birds the butterflies bats beetles bugs and bees needs :) do it now and share! Maybe even tweet the MayOr. 

Without consultation,This site seems to be asking everyone to donate money.