Sadiq Khan: Stand with Brixton - Stop Taylor Tower

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All over London, we wake up to new buildings towering over our heads, old friends priced out of the city. These new buildings house corporations that profit off our displacement, and every day, new ‘developments’ are suggested, making spaces for working people smaller and smaller.

Brixton is our home, and so far, it has escaped the fate of Hackney and other areas where corporations have crowded out living, breathing communities. 

We, the people of Brixton, want a say in what gets built here.

We do not want a 20 storey office block looming over Electric Avenue.

We want homes, so that all of us who call Brixton home can afford to live here.

We call on Sadiq Khan to intervene and stop Taylor Tower!


Floor upon floor of offices reaching up into the sky. If this tower gets built, we will live permanently in its shadow, but we won’t benefit from a high rise of overpriced offices.

This block will cost millions to build. The money pouring into Brixton is plain to see. But it is not money for community centres, or for our schools, or for housing we can afford, or for services to those who have been hit by COVID 19, or to support those who have lost their loved ones. 

It is not money that benefits the people of Brixton. 

It is money that feeds off the people here in rising rents, and only benefits the wealthy property developers and landlords who are not part of this community.

This Tower will make even more money for multimillionaire Taylor McWilliams, the man who bought Brixton Village in 2018 for £37.3 million. This year, when the pandemic hit, Taylor tried to force eviction on Nour Cash and Carry, a long-standing family-run food shop. He was only stopped because the community rose up against him. But sadly many other cherished local assets have been lost because of Taylor McWilliams imposing his vision of Brixton on us. 

Part of the tower development will be dedicated to a new market area. We have seen Taylor’s abysmal track record in stewarding these beloved community assets. What will this new market mean for our already struggling vendors? And what does it mean to have one person controlling a whole neighbourhood?

We will not let this man completely take over our home.


On November 3rd, Lambeth Council approved plans for Taylor’s office block.

Lambeth ignored the 7,000 people who signed the petition against it.

They ignored the 800 letters and emails written by local people.

They ignored the 1,200 objections on their website.

They ignored a scientific assessment of the tower’s detrimental effects on residents' right to daylight.

They ignored the objections of our elected MP. 

As the plans move up to the Mayor’s office, Sadiq Khan has the power to intervene and reject Taylor’s plans. We call on him as a representative of the people of London to defend Brixton.

Will the Mayor of London ignore us, too?

Sadiq Khan – please don’t let billionaire  hedge funds shape this city. Put people first, stand with the thousands in the community who oppose this office block and intervene to stop this now!


Please sign and share our petition and ask Mayor Sadiq Khan to stand up to billionaire bullies and #FightTheTower!

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