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Resuscitate Green Lanes ! Bring the High Street back to Life before it's too late !

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Businesses on the high street have been majorly effected by the road works currently taking place in order to create cycle lanes in the area which was opposed by around 80% of the local residents and businesses in the beginning. 

We opened Pussy Bow Boutique in September 2015 and since have been trying to build up a new local business and clientele base which is already a challenge in itself within this turbulent retail market. However since 2016 all the businesses including ourselves had heard about the idea of implementing a cycle lane throughout Green Lanes and taking parking for customers and local residents away which almost everyone did not think would be a good idea, the local council along with Sadiq Khan ignored the peoples views and concerns by going ahead without any consideration or empathy.

Due to the distribution our sales have fallen, there is no longer parking for customers, the pavements have been blocked off preventing all our deliveries coming in, heavy traffic, accidents have been caused... complete mayhem ! DISASTER ZONE ! 

Furthermore, Enfield Council has increased the rate-able value which ideally with the old rate-able value would have meant we would have been exempt of business rates instead with the increased our payments remaining the same and no sign of small business relief. 

How can you justify a small shop selling a product, not offering a service to survive under these circumstances??? 

We want the rate-able value reassessed, we want business rates reduced, we want our high street to accommodate for our customers and most importantly we want it to be safe for the public, children and those who wish to cycle.