Remove newly installed bus lanes in Charlton and Woolwich to normalise traffic again

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With the recent installation of all time bus lanes on A206 in south east London area of Greenwich, the traffic has surpassed the levels of bearing and as a result you can now observe vehicles queuing up all day and evening on this long stretch that is already located within busy Woolwich ferry and Charlton shopping park. This is a completely unacceptable and miscalculated move as the situation has in no way improved but worsened. It has increased the commuting time to more than thrice compared to when the roads were partially marked with bus lanes with reasonable timings of operation.

I therefore as a responsible citizen and a member of this local community, urge you to reset the road structure to as it was before in order to keep the traffic flow to normal levels. 

We are going to start this petition in a hope that this matter will be focussed upon, reassessed and rectified so we can go back to having the normal flow of traffic in our local area.

Yours sincerely,

Affected members of the community