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Refuse Permission to Sell Women's Bodies To Men With Coffee.

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Bradley Charvet intends to open a cafe in Paddington, London which will serve coffee and fellatio (oral sex specific to men). 

This means that women will be used to sell sex to men with their coffee. These women will be exploited, dehumanised and degraded. This is not sex "work" - it is sexual exploitation.

Men will be allowed to choose women to perform a sexual act on them via an iPad. Men do not have the right to use a woman's body in this way for money. It is inhuman. 

In what kind of world are women equated to a chocolate biscuit or a piece of flapjack?

What kind of message does this send to young girls everywhere? This is not "fun". This is an example of human lives reduced to sex objects. This is rape for cash. 

Please ensure that women live freely and safely in the knowledge that men cannot buy their bodies for sex.

Please reject this application and make it clear now that you will do so. If you cannot reject this on the legal grounds provided regarding the operation of brothels then consider it on the grounds of equality - women cannot obtain the same service even should they desire it and I strongly hope that they would not. I would like to hope that one day NO human body can be sold for sex because NO human would wish to purchase one. 

Here is the link to an Independent article on the intended cafe.

Please note that it is on the "Culture" section. I don't think buying women's bodies for sex is "Culture". Is that a message we want to give to women? To our daughters?










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