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London Mayor SADIQ KHAN to publicly apologise for interference in international affairs

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We the British people feel that Sadiq Khan needs to be held to account for his interference in International Affairs above his station. President Trump is a democratically elected leader of a key ally and trading partner. Mr Khan's goading of President Trump and his calls for a cancellation of a state visit are unprofessional, outside his role as Mayor of London and damages the close relations between the UK and US.

Sadiq Khan has a history of links to terror organisations, more specifically the representation of terrorist Al Qawadawi. His associations with such people do not sit comfortably with the people of the United Kingom and feel there is a conflict of interest where these matters are concerned. We have no confidence in him where international relations are concerned and these matters are not part of the role he was elected for.

We have seen increases in crime rates across the board in London during Mr Khan's term in Office. He should be reminded of his jurisdiction and encouraged to refocus his attention on the issues currently effecting London and it's citizens.

We the people of the United Kingdom would like Sadiq Khan to:

1) Publicly apologise to Donald Trump for publicly abusing his role as Mayor of London and calling for his visit to be cancelled
2) Apologise to the PM for his interference in international affairs
3) Apologise to the people of the United Kingdom for publicly speaking on behalf of people in matters that are out of his job description and not of his concern. He holds an important position of Public Office and should not let personal views hinder that capacity. London is a diverse city of people who share a variety of personal and opposing views. Mr Khan may be an elected Mayor but risks alienating large portions of London by bringing his own personal views to bare while in a trusted position of Office.

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