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Hands Off High Barnet! STOP the development of the Station Car Park Site

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TFL and Taylor Wimpey are proposing, in a joint venture, to build 450 high density housing units on the site surrounding High Barnet Station. This would mean building on the existing car park, the corner of Meadway losing the tall trees and the industrial area with storage containers, losing local jobs.

TFL have said the high density housing will have no parking spaces thus pushing commuters and new residents using cars onto surrounding streets or further. Some people need to park and ride for a variety of issues including health, luggage, work tools, age etc. To get rid of all parking facilities is short sighted and unworkable.

The proposed flats will be small 1 or 2 bedroom and up to 8 stories high, so not suitable for growing families who generally are people who chose to live in our leafy suburb. The height of 8 stories is totally out of character with the local area and architecture and 40% of the flats are due to be ‘affordable housing’.

The A1000 (Barnet Hill) has already high pollution levels and is often grid locked; which then causes jams on Meadway, and backed up cars so the trees on the corner are a much needed ‘lung’.

This is an ill thought out proposal which will impact negatively on local infrastructure, amenities and character; and the losers will be local residents and prospective occupants. This is in part a ‘Ham fisted’ attempt to plug Mayor Khan’s funding gap of TFL and shows his lack of understanding of London suburbs and the people that live in them.