Ensure votes for residents on estates facing regeneration

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Last year, council estate residents and housing activists campaigned to get the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to give those under threat of 'regeneration' a ballot on whether they agreed to having their homes demolished. 

Sadiq Khan has now agreed in principle, but has released a Consultation Paper on the process. As many residents know, this will make or break whether ballots actually give a democratic voice to council estate residents. We have outlined amendments that will ensure this happens.

We call on Sadiq Khan to tighten up his proposals in several ways including :

  • The minimum number of homes demolished to trigger a ballot should be 10 homes.

  • The decommissioning of supported housing must also be balloted.

  • The ballot should be after a concrete proposal has been produced.

  • Whether there is a ballot should affect Planning approval.

  • All residents should have a vote. 

As the mayor committed in his manifesto, regeneration should only go ahead with majority resident support.

Do not demolish good homes - All residents must have final say via ballot on any regeneration/demolition plan - Rents need to stay at council 'social' rent levels - Right of return must be contractually enforceable - All financial and technical information about estates to be made public - Leaseholders must have a right to return or receive full market value of their property.