Ban Motorcycles in urban areas

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Living in urban areas like London is tough. Finding good quality housing away from noise is becoming harder and harder.

One of the major causes of noise misery is motorbikes. Their engines, which are uncovered, can cause buildings over 100m away to shake and can cause hearing damage to pedestrians or those unfortunate to live near motorcycle parking. 

In todays age with growing concerns about climate change we should be doing more to share transport and these one person means of transportation cause a disproportionate amount of noise and pollution in our City centers.

Early in the morning or late at night motorbikes can ruin families from having a decent night's sleep in their homes. During the day they disrupt businesses and are a danger to pedestrians and cyclists as they weave through traffic.

We think that Motorcycles with engines of a certain decibel level should be banned from major residential areas and city centers including London.