Saddleworth School - Stop the Delay. Find a Way.

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In Saddleworth we have a secondary school that is no longer fit for purpose. The ESFA have stated that the physical condition of the school is one of the worst in the country.

A new school building, to replace the current school property, has been in the ESFA and Oldham Council pipeline for the past eight years. Many parents and locals are angry that children are being let down year after year whilst legal arguments, debates and hesitation continue. 

The situation for the pupils and educators of Saddleworth School is untenable. Saddleworth, our young people, and our future generations need a new school that provides a good learning environment.

We, the undersigned, petition Oldham Council and EFA to fulfill their promise of new, fit for purpose school premises. We want a new school building for our children and future generations. We want a new school building to facilitate quality education. We want a new school building we can be proud of... and we want it now!