Establish a National Transitional Authority In Zimbabwe

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Zimbabweans are locked in a desperate fight for survival that only a dramatic change in the nation's political landscape will create the right environment for long term solutions.     


1. Zimbabwe has a severely underperforming economy because of incoherent policy making. Repeated policy blunders have eroded the few resources that the Zimbabwean people have and made life unbearable for the majority. Up to now there has been no accountability for the failures.  

2.  Corruption in the country has become so pervasive, crippling all aspects of society. The current president has been implicated in several high profile corruption cases as well as crimes against humanity dating back to 1983 in Matabeleland where an estimated 20,000 people lost their lives. To date nothing has been done due to the lack of independence of law enforcement and the judiciary.

3. The government has intensified its systematic violation of human rights with constitutional rights being suspended in an effort to suppress the growing calls for accountability. The police, army, judiciary and legislature have all been deliberately weakened to form the pillars of support for the regime leaving people with no recourse. 

Aim: The National Transitional Authority will form a non partisan team to facilitate a peaceful transition towards the formation of a high functioning political system to address the urgent situation in the country. This is not about party politics any more. This about the survival of a nation beyond an election cycle. 

Zimbabwe like many African countries has been stuck in first gear in large part due to incompetent people dominating the political system. Right now politicians need to step aside and allow highly skilled and competent individuals to steer the country to safer ground.